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What is the difference between RAM and ROM? Know here

What is the difference between RAM and ROM?


  • Today we will try to know in detail the difference between RAM and ROM.

Difference Between RAM and ROM

Perhaps we do not know that there is a big difference between RAM and ROM, although most of us do not know about it. It may be that many of us know this difference, I did not know about it before, and there are many people like me, who are going to know about it today. Do you know? As I told you that I did not know much about it even before this, but in my mind, the question about it was going on for a long time, what could be the difference between them. Let us tell you that when we used to go to a computer class, at that time we were told that RAM is of computer speed, besides ROM is seen as storage.

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Apart from this, if we discuss their full names, we also knew that RAM is called random access memory, and ROM is called read-only memory. Apart from this, we did not know much about them. However, you need not worry at all. How can this happen if you are deprived of any information about us? Today we are going to tell you clearly the big difference between them. Let us tell you that after much research, we have tried to present the difference between them, although even after this we have not been able to know much about it.

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Let us tell you that while we were searching about this on the internet, and trying to learn about them from our close ones, a lot has come to us, some people did not even know that it was What are both. Apart from this, if you talk about some people who were using a smartphone or laptop for a long time, they knew about them, but what was the difference between them, they were all unaware of this. Let's start now, and try to know what are the big differences between these two.

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If we start with RAM, then let us tell you that it is such a chip. Which is permanent, which needs power etc. to keep the data with you. Apart from this, as soon as its connection is disconnected with power, all the information in it disappears.

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Apart from this, if we talk about ROM etc., it has the opposite of RAM, it is a chip that is not variable. If you save the data after a while, then it cannot be changed. Like I told you in the beginning, it is seen as read-only memory. That is, once the data is saved, it can only be read, it cannot be changed. In English, it is also called non-volatile storage or memory.

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Apart from this big difference, there are some small differences between them, which need to be mentioned here, because if we want to know the difference between them in detail and clearly then let us tell you that apart from this big difference You will also have to know more about them only then it will be clear how they are different from each other. So let's try to know the difference between them and some minor differences.

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RAM can be used to perform everyday tasks in a device, however, in addition, ROM is used only when the device is being manufactured.


If you want to save data in ROM, then tell you that for this you have to go through a long process. Although the opposite is true in RAM, in this you can save data very fast.

Apart from this, if we want to know the difference between RAM and ROM inside the computer, then let us tell you that its process is also different. Or you can also say, these two are quite different from each other. In the next article, we are going to give you information about it also. Stay with us to know more differences between these two, we will soon be taking some new information with you on this information.

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