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WHAT IS ITI: What is ITI Course After 12th

What is ITI, how to do, full form ITI and who can answer all the questions in this video, then watch this video in full? Friends, in today's time, after passing the 10th, there is a lot of work that can give you a good life, but wait, even today, there is a good diploma course for the people who have passed the 10th and 12th, which will help you to succeed, it is ITI. Know about...

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What is ITI & ITI Full Form

ITI full form 'Industrial Training Institutes' is a course that you can easily get a job after doing it. You must have often seen that ITI certificate is sought in many government jobs. If you do this course, you can easily apply in a government job. Although anyone can do this course, but it is specially designed for those who want to get a job soon.

Will get job here

After doing this courses, the candidate can easily apply for government and private jobs. There would be different types of trades in this course. Government, private colleges of ITI exist and many universities also provide such courses.

How to choose the right trade

Candidates can get their ITI diploma by choosing any trade according to their interest. Keep in mind one thing that not all trades will be found in all ITI institutes. This information will have to be known before taking admission in which trades are being conducted in that ITI.

Fees for ITI

If you get admission in the government college, then you will not have to pay any fees, but if you want to do it in private college, then the fee will have to be paid according to the college.

Who can take admission

Students of 8th, 10th, and 12th pass can take admission for ITI course.

Post ITI Diploma Job

After doing ITI diploma/certificate, the biggest question is that where can we do the job. Let me tell you, after doing ITI diploma, many job options will open up in front of you. Many government institutions discharge vacancies. In which ITI asks for diploma. After this course, you can also easily take a government job.

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