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WHO Reneges On The Claim of Russian Vaccine Success | Health Tips

Health Tips (MUMBAI): Ever since Russia claimed to have created a new vaccine for the coronavirus, it has been under the scanner. The World Health Organization has once again raised doubts over Russia's vaccine. The WHO says that the Russian vaccine is not included in the nine vaccines that are testing their advanced stage.

Russia's vaccine is not named in the nine experimental vaccines included by WHO and its partners through Kovacs. Through Kovacs, its member countries can invest to get any vaccine quickly and can also fund vaccines for poor countries.

WHO senior adviser Bruce Ileward said, 'We cannot make a decision on the Russian vaccine because we do not have enough information on it. For the time being, we are negotiating with Russia and gathering information so that its vaccine, trial and its next steps can be understood. The WHO has already asked Russia to review its vaccine.

Let us tell you that a few days ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that his coronavirus vaccine has received regulatory approval from the Ministry of Health. However, the advanced stage trial of this vaccine has not been done yet. Russia claims that this vaccine will protect people from the coronavirus for two years.

Many countries of the world have raised doubts about Russia's vaccine. Germany's Health Minister expressed concern that this vaccine has not been tested properly. Jens Spahn told the media that applying this vaccine to millions of people can be dangerous. People can also die by applying the wrong vaccine.

Famous European researcher Isabel Ember said that hastily treating this epidemic can be very dangerous. At the same time, America's leading infectious disease expert Anthan Fauchi has also raised doubts over Russia's vaccine.

The Moscow-based Association of Clinical Trial Organizations (ACTO) has urged the Ministry of Health not to approve the vaccine until it completes its Phase III trial.

On the other hand, there are many countries in favor of this vaccine in Russia. Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte said that he will test this vaccine on his own. He said, 'I believe that Russia has done a very good job for humanity by making this vaccine. I will do the first experiment. At the same time, Israel said that if this vaccine is found right, then it will offer to buy it.

Russia has called the world questions on its corona vaccine baseless. Russia has dismissed the allegations being made about the safety of the vaccine as baseless. Russia's Health Minister Mikhail Murashko told a news agency, "The questions being raised on Russia's vaccine seem to be inspired by market competition and people are trying to put forth their views which are completely unfounded." He said that the vaccine will be available to the people soon.

Murashko said, "Within the next two weeks the first package of the medical vaccine will be available, which will be exclusively for doctors." Russian officials plan to launch a large-scale vaccination campaign in October.

Sputnik 5 Big Claim Among Vaccine Announcements: Russia Been Preparing For Corona Vaccines For Six Years

Russia claims to have been preparing for Corona's vaccine for six years, amid claims of making the vaccine without conducting all tests. Kirill Dmitriev, head of Russia's Sovereign Wealth Fund RDIF, engaged in raising funding for the vaccine, made the disclosure on Thursday.

He said that for the last few years we were developing vaccines of Ebola, Mars, and SARS viruses, which are the same species of Corona species. Kovid-19 is a virus similar to murs and we had been engaged for two years to make the mars vaccine. That is why we have been able to make vaccines quickly

No vaccine has been made in the world of Mars yet. Whereas Ebola's first vaccine was approved in December 2019. The Russian vaccine may enter the market in November-December.

Although AstraZeneca, Moderna vaccines will also be in the production race until after the trials. He said that those who do not believe in Russian vaccines can prepare their vaccines.

The not only vaccine but also successful in stopping infection

Russia has been very successful not only in making vaccines but also in preventing corona infection. More than 10 thousand new cases were coming daily in May and now less than five thousand cases are being registered whereas, in India, 12 to 13 times cases are being reported daily.

Russia did 3.15 crore tests, India just 2.68 crore tests...

How the transition happened

Russia   12 May (10899) Today (5102)

India  12 May (3604)  Today (66999)

Source: WHO (figures for one day)

Four times the case in three months

As of August 12, Russia had 2.32 lakh patients while India had only 70756 patients. In these three months, only 670458 new cases were registered there whereas 23.29 thousand new patients were reported in India. This figure is almost four times higher than Russia.

Deaths also decreased

1. Russia ranks fourth in the list of countries most infected by Corona. There have been found to be 907,758 infections, of which 716,396 have become infection-free.

2. Only 1.69 percent of patients died in Russia, which is two percent in India. Death rates in the US and Brazil are over three percent.

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